Manufacturer of industrial fittings and cast iron castings

ZETKAMA iron foundry is a company with over 70 years of experience, present on more than 70 foreign markets. Thanks to the annual production capacity reaching approximately 10,000 tons, it provides a wide range of iron castings and industrial valves, including stop, bellow, gate, safety, control, check and air release models – to name a few. Other products include rubber expansion joints, backflow preventers, and liquid level gauges.

Float, static balancing and bottom valves, as well as other models available in our offer, were designed and manufactured for industrial installations and piping systems. They are compatible with mediums such as compressed air, steam, neutral fluid, diathermic oil or even glycol. We also prepared solutions for challenging conditions, e.g. if the medium is contaminated with dirt, corrosion particles and other unwanted elements, we highly recommend to use strainers, which are responsible for locating, separating and removing them from the liquid.



ZETKAMA sells its products to more than 70 countries around the world.