Production preparation

In the process of designing the following software is used:

  • SOLID EDGE – 3D Design Software
  • MAGMASOFT – Software used for simulation of cast iron pouring and solidification process
Core preparation

The cores are produced with the application of the following technologies:

  • HOT-BOX HALCO, KMAG automatic machines
  • COLD-BOX FERROMASZ 25 and  60 liter automatic machines

Moulding is performed on two automatic lines:

  • HSP 3D from HWS company with mould size 1000x800x350/300
  • DISA MATCH with the mould size 600x500x280/400

The melting takes place in the DUPLEX system using:

  • 2 blast cupolas with a diameter of 800 mm
  • 2 medium frequency induction furnaces with a capacity of 1 ton crucible

The machining is performed with the use of:

Machining centres OKUMA, DOOSAN

Quality control

Quality control takes place in a laboratory equipped with:

  • MAGELLAN Q8 spectrometer
  • Metallographic microscope NIKON
  • ITACA system from ProServiceTech company for metallurgic analysis of liquid ironO

The mechanical properties of produced cast iron are checked with:

  • Tensile test machines from ZWICK company
  • Hardness testing instruments from INNOVA TEST company
  • Charpy hammer for impact test

Castings measurements are made using the following measuring machines:

  • Measuring arm HEXAGON