Bottom valves

A special purpose bottom valve equipped with a suction strainer. It is often integrated into various pipework systems, tanks and other vessels. It is designed to hold medium pollutions and regulate liquid level in the system. As for usage requirements, it functions in normal working conditions and should not be applied to aggressive or abrasive environments without consultation. The range of mediums, with which the zBOT can be safely used, includes neutral fluids, industrial and drinking water and glycol.

Special purpose bottom valve – zBOT

The main body of this model is made of grey cast iron – a material of great mechanical strength and superb heat capacity. The internal spring, as well as the perforated screen, are made of stainless steel, which effectively prevents any signs of corrosion. The shape of the body was designed to prevent extreme pressure shifts – its tightness also reduces vibration and turbulence. This model requires no maintenance whatsoever and is completely eco-friendly.