Ball valves

Durable construction combined with a very simple principle of operation. The ball valve’s primary component is a handle that is used to control the flow through the system. The internal work piece is made in the shape of a perforated sphere. When placed in its starting position – both the handle and hollow part are aligned with the pipe – the flow is released, but when it is pivoted by 90 degrees, the internal sphere is turned sideways to block any flowing liquid or gas. The movement of the handle is also a great visual indication of the component’s status (open or closed).

Ball valve – ZETKAMA zBAL

As for the construction of this component – it is made of durable combination of grey and nodular cast iron. The work piece itself is brass with additional chrome coating – it does not generate any added resistance to the installation. Its ease of operation and versatility has led to the extensive industrial use of this type of elements. It is fit for work within various heating systems, industrial water and other neutral fluids, as well as pressurized gas.