Static balancing valves

ZETKAMA zSTA is a line of industrial components for various air- and waterflow systems. The main function of static balancing valves is to maintain proper pressure in the pipework. Such elements not only allow for manual regulation of the flow rate, but are also used for taking precise measurements and controlling the performance of the infrastructure. The areas in which such components are applied include heating and air conditioning installations, as well as other pneumatic and hydraulic industrial systems.

Static balancing valves – optimal safety and control

There are numerous options in terms of construction and extra functions within the ZETKAMA zSTA series. We provide models equipped with high-reliability measurement devices – both analog and digital – as well as precise and ergonomic handwheels for maximum control. The materials we use range from brass to grey and nodular cast iron. Technical specification, catalog sheet and user manuals for a given model are included in the respective offer.