Check valve

We provide industrial-grade solutions for various types of pipework. Our offer includes ZETKAMA zCHE check valves – high quality components that are suited for variety of applications within the above-mentioned area. The main purpose of those elements is to prevent uncontrolled backflow in the system, which could obstruct its proper functioning or even cause substantial damage to the infrastructure. This also proves to be essential in the case of contamination risk – as in sewage treatment plants – or a vacuum seal.

Industrial-grade check valves

Our zCHE components come in a wide variety of options in terms of the type of mechanism and the materials used. Our offer includes silent and disco variants, as well as models equipped with a ball, flap, throttle plug or two-lever. The materials used for construction were selected to achieve optimal performance in adequate work environment – we offer components made of stainless steel, cast iron – both grey and nodular – complemented with brass and bronze elements.