Rubber expansion joints

Designed to withstand demanding conditions of a working environment, including dynamic pressure shifts, as well as constant and temporary vibration. Rubber expansion joints constitute an effective addition to various types of pipelines in a wide range of sectors – industry, heating and air conditioning and sewage systems. The main function of the zJOI series is to discharge energy produced by the flow of the medium, in order to protect any adjacent components and machinery, as well as the integrity of the pipework as a whole.

zJOI – highly effective rubber expansion joints

As to the construction of the components, the flanges are made of industry-grade galvanized carbon steel, which provides more than sufficient level of mechanical durability, at the same time effectively preventing corrosion. They are meant for pipework systems containing a wide range of neutral fluids, industrial and drinking water, contents of heating and refrigerating installations, as well as glycol and compressed air.