Float valves

A very effective solution for controlling the liquid level, which does not require any external energy. Float valves are purely mechanical – the water level is measured directly by the lever with a gas-filled container attached at the end. The lever indicates the positioning of the internal mechanism controlling the flow, therefore regulating the volume of liquid in a vessel. Such components can be installed in both open and sealed tanks and cisterns – their primary function is to actively prevent overflowing.

zFLO – industrial float valves

The external shell of the components is made of grey cast iron – it ensures sufficient durability and tightness, capable of withstanding nominal pressure of 10 bars. It requires no maintenance whatsoever, at the same time being completely eco-friendly due to the lack of power consumption. The mechanism is fit to work with industrial water and neutral fluids. The main fields, in which such components are applied, are domestic water systems, as well as agricultural and industrial installations.