Recruitment process

The recruitment process consists of the following stages:

1. Document analysis

Initial qualification of applicants is based on analysis of provided documents. It is carried out by personnel department employees and department managers who look for new employees. When analysing CVs and cover letters, we pay particular attention to the consistency of applicant’s qualifications with requirements specified in a job description.
In your CV, tell us about your education, what schools you have graduated from, what your professional career looks like so far, what you do and how you assess yourself in this role.

2. Interview

Selected people are invited for an interview with a personnel department manager and a future superior. Present yourself at the interview. Tell us about your professional work so far, about your successes and failures Remember that the interview is also an opportunity for you to ask questions. Think of what you would like to learn about us and ask the questions.

3. Further recruitment process

Selected people are invited for another meeting.

Meetings may vary and consist of many elements:

  • an interview with a personnel department manager
  • an interview with a potential future superior
  • language tests
  • knowledge tests
  • personality tests
  • test checking inclination for a given position

Afterwards, you can expect the final decision. It will be taken based on the assessment of the applicant at all recruitment stages.