Training “Industrial valves – production, selection, operation and repairs”.

On April 4-05, a SPAP training for UDT inspectors was held in Kielce, devoted to the topic “Industrial valves – production, selection, operation and repairs”.

One of the key points of the program was led by Eng. Grzegorz Giel lecture entitled “Guidelines on the principles of safety valves selection according to applicable standards and their operation during the warranty and post-warranty period.”

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to take part in practical workshops where specific operations of individual devices were discussed. Question panels were an ideal platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences between the speaker and participants.

We would like to thank all participants for their active participation and involvement in this event.

We would also like to thank Grzegorz Giel for his valuable training. It was an extremely valuable event that contributed to improving professional qualifications in the industrial valves industry.