Nomination to the President of the Year Award

On March 6, 2013, a ceremony took place which published the list of „Byki i Niedźwiedzie” (Bulls and Bears) range. The list of the best: join stock companies, managers, analysts and capital market institutions from last year has been published by „Parkiet”- the market daily newspaper. President Leszek Jurasz has been nominated in the category President of the year with four other managers especially worthwhile for managed companies and their shareholders.

As a explanation, it has been noted that the company has been managed by Mr. Jurasz since 2001, it always has had reliable leads of information, eventhough for a long time it was out of the investor spotlight.

Zetkama is one of only a few companies which is publishing financial forecasts regularly, and does not face a problem to achieve them. The company is been floating on the Warsaw Stock Exchange from 2005, but for investor’s attention has been waiting until 2011. Zetkama’s share price raised over 250% up to September 2012. It looks like the market appreciates the result of acquisitions.

ZETKAMA is creating and developing its capital group from 2008, focusing companies from the metal sector. Since then, Mr. Jurasz has turned from industrial valve manufacturer into the group which is offering a wide range of metal components, such as fasteners and components for the automotive industry.

The president took the challenges  and has been acquiring companies with a high potential for growth, but also with needs of reconstruction.

In 2012, Zetkama, for the first time in the company’s history, has paid a dividend.